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Understanding What is the Right Golf Rangefinder for Me

There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy tools that are going to help your golf game. While you are not going to want to go crazy with how much you spend, we feel that buying tools is similar to the money that you would spend on clubs. No one would say anything to you if you said that you spent some decent money on a set of golf clubs. You love the game and you wanted your own set. And no one would bat an eyelid.  That is why you should not feel bad for buying special tools either.

For instance, you may be wondering what is the right golf rangefinder for me before you go out and buy one. And that is a good way of looking at the problem. You are not going to want to commit to a rangefinder until you know that you have found the one that will work for you. The reason why you do not want to commit is because there are so many different models, and you do not want to overspend on one that is not necessary for your specific needs. But how do these pathfinders work?

It is amazing how many people are good fans of golf, and they play regularly, but they do not know how a golf pathfinder works. If you are among those people, do not feel bad. It is one of those tools that you know about if you are a professional. But you may not know about it otherwise. The pathfinder is a very simple tool, and a clue for how it works is in the name. The tool is going to show you exactly how many yards you have to go to reach the hole when you are standing by your ball.

This is not that useful when you are hitting your first shot. Unless you are at some completely random course, you will know what par the hole is. And you will also know the total yardage. For instance, you may know it is a par 4 and you are going to have to get your ball around 350 yards before you have got it inside the hole. That is information you know. But would you know how many yards you have to go when you hit your first shot? That is the type of information that can be very useful.

When you have the pathfinder, and you hit your first shot, you can just go up to your ball and you can use the pathfinder. It will tell you precisely how many yards you have to go to get to the hole. You know how they show that information when you are watching golf on TV? That is the information you are getting from the pathfinder. Say you hit a great first shot, it may tell you that you have 165 yards to go before you are at the hole. That will give you an indication about what club to use for your second shot.