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Why Some People Struggle with College Papers

It is interesting that we often have a contrast among people who prefer to take papers or tests. We will have those students who can get a fantastic grade on any paper they are assigned. But then you assign them a test and they will struggle. That is just how it goes. And then you have those who love tests, but cannot figure out papers. Today we are going to talk about those who struggle with college papers and how we can ensure they are getting better grades on those types of assignments down the road.

If you are the type of person who struggles with papers, do not feel bad. You are not alone in this regard. Many people do not “get it.” They will do great on a test, but whenever you give them a paper they are not sure how to proceed. And we can talk about why. The reason most people struggle with papers is because they are a lot more abstract. There is no clear guideline for what will get you an A, B or C grade. It is very much subjective, especially as you get into different subjects at college.

You could write a paper for one professor and they would give you an A-. Then you would write a similar styled paper for another class and you would only get a B or a B+. This can make it very confusing for people who just do not know what is going on. They do not understand how you can go through this whole process and not have a proper idea about how to get the grade that you want. And we can understand if you are in this position too. That is why we want to help.

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What this does is ensure that you are going to get a top grade. And before you think that you are going to get caught, let us explain. Not only can you ensure you will never get caught, but we can tell you how. What we suggest is you get a paper written, and then you tweak it on your own. Spend two hours tweaking the paper’s writing style, and understanding everything that is written in it. Then you will be sounding like yourself, but you will be making more coherent and tangible points in your papers than you were before. And that should get you a top grade.